5 Must Visit Places In Gangtok During Your Sikkim Trip!

The capital of Sikkim, a small Indian state located at the chicken-neck of the country’s North-East access, Gangtok is a beautiful place to have a vacation during the summer. It is situated in the Eastern part of the state and gives plenty of access to some of the best sights that the state has to offer. And with plenty of sight seeing options, many of the tourists become indecisive and flabbergasted, often missing out on the revelations.

5 Must Visit Places In Gangtok During Your Sikkim Trip!

And this is exactly the chance we want to eliminate with Gangtok. The city is surrounded by some of the most ethereal views on the subcontinent and people who want to discover the best, might need some guidance.

Here’s the 5 must-visit places that you should travel to, during your stay –

Shop your heart out and live the Gangtok life at MG Road

Located right in the heart of the city, MG Road is the place to be for the who’s who of the city. Bustling with a busy street life, it is home to some of the most delectable Tibetan snacks and also has numerous shopping options for one’s who crave for the new. This is also the place where some of the best resorts in Gangtok are situated and getting to stay in one of them is like a dream come true, if you really want to take in everything the city has to offer!

Find your zen in Rumtek Monastery

Considered a pilgrim site for Buddhists, the Rumtek Monastery is an embodiment of the high life and gives tourists a peek into the tranquil life of the monks as they are lost in translation of the spiritual world. Rumtek is a beautiful site in its own and the Chinese architectural influence of the structure makes it all the more glorified in the eyes of the concrete washed folk that go up the mountains to the sacred place in search of solace and peace.

Celebrate Hinduism At Ganesh Tok

Located 7 km away from the city, Ganesh Tok is a famous place to visit if you are a lord Ganesha devotee or just bitten by the wanderlust bug. The wonderful view, mountaintop location, and majestic entrance to the building is something that catches everyone else’s fancy. It’s kind of an adventure in itself to climb the stairways all the way up to the temple and see the divine with your own eyes.

Find Beauty in the Lovely Fauna of the Flower Exhibition Centre

Not even a kilometer away from the center of Gangtok, this one is a lovely place to visit for flower lovers. The rare Himalayan blossoms will bring you closer to nature and let you perceive life in the natural colors that you see there. It will be a refreshing change of pace from the humdrum colors that plague your sore vision with its mechanical lifelessness, as you try every day, to escape further into it.

Explore the Exotic Animal Life of the Himalayas at Himalayan

The Himalayan Zoological Park is one of the only places you get to see the rare and endangered Red Panda, and you can see many other remarkable species that inhabit the mountain ranges. The trip to the park will be revelation in itself and you will have a wonderful time just breathing in the fresh air with your ears on its heartbeat. Also, this place offers a wonderful view of the Kanchenjunga and that is something you should not even dare to miss.

These are must visit places at Gangtok and if you are already there and typing on your google tab – luxury hotels near me – then don’t worry, you will find plenty of great options at the Gangtok city center – some only a few steps away, while others a little cab ride. All you need to do is look for your pick.

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