5 Tricks To Score Rooms In Luxury Hotels At Cheap

The comfiest of mattresses serenading you into a peaceful sleep. Delicious breakfast arranged in front of your eyes just as soon as you wake up in the morning. And panoramic view ready to lush your sight the moment you slide away the window drapes.

These are some of many perks of staying in luxury hotels. No wonder, everyone dreams for such lavish rooms when traveling and holidaying. Sadly, only a handful of them really manages to afford such extravaganza.

5 Tricks To Score Rooms In Luxury Hotels At Cheap

But wait! This doesn’t mean what you think it means.

Even if you have a limited budget for accommodation, you can still soak the fun of a luxury resorts in gangtok based. All you’ve got to do is be smart.

Here are 5 smart tricks to score rooms in luxury hotels at cheap:

Avoid websites of hotel aggregators

The hotel booking site that says it’s offering you big discount might be doing just the opposite. In fact, in reality, that’s what they do. First, they hike the price of the room very high and then slash rate in the name of discount. In middle, they steal away a big commission.

So, avoid booking rooms on the website of hotel aggregators. Instead, make your booking directly through the website of that hotel. You would find their price listing much lower. And above all, booking itself would be much more convenient and error-free.

Don’t book suites and super deluxe rooms

In luxury hotels, even the low-end rooms are just as posh. They have good space, homely interior, cozy mattress, and great room service. So, don’t get carried away in the name of luxury. Don’t book suites, super deluxe, and other premium rooms. Stick to the regular ones.

Pick hotels in financial districts

This is something many don’t know. Hotels in the financial districts, or close to such centers, are much cheaper comparatively. They are priced exclusively for business travelers who travel regularly for meetings and other official purposes.  So, find the financial district in the city you’re visiting and look around for good luxury hotels there. You would be surprised at the price they list their rooms.

Subscribe to hotel’s email newsletters

This is as easy and simple as it gets. Just go to the website of few luxury hotels and subscribe for their email newsletters. Whenever they are offering some discounts and other related deals, you would be among the first ones to know about it. And the more you know about such offers, better would be your chance of scoring lavish rooms at a low price.

Travel during off season

It’s not a secret tip. And it has been tried and successfully tested by millions of budget travelers around the world. The price of nearly everything remains low, even that of luxury accommodation, when you’re traveling during off season. So, keep your head inside the home when everyone’s out holidaying. Hit out when others are returning back their homes.

These are 5 smart tricks to score rooms in luxury hotels at an affordable price. So, don’t just assume you have to settle for much less when traveling if you’re low in budget. You can still manage big extravaganza if you’re smart in your decisions.

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