A Hushed Tip For New Travel Bloggers In India (…Start With Sikkim)

A Hushed Tip For New Travel Bloggers In India (…Start With Sikkim)

Your love for travel can stem into one of the best, rewarding and most adventurous careers of all.

Yes, talking about travel blogging!

Documenting your journeys in beautiful words can bring you a fortune. Heard of Kiersten Rich? That The Blonde Abroad girl! She’s one of the finest examples here.

However, sadly, travel blogging is much more than just wandering around and penning it sloppily. The entire process of turning yourself into a pro is strategic in itself that requires you to think and be tactical.

Now, this ‘be strategic’ doesn’t have to be something out-of-the-box. And neither do you have to sit and scribble down a long, never-ending business plan. It’s fairly simple.

Here’s what we tell the new Indian travel bloggers we come across—start with Sikkim.

Hear us out why!

Untapped source of travel contents

Believe it or not, even when blessed with nature’s best and rich culture, Sikkim is one of the less visited tourist spots. Yes, really! You would hear Goa, you would hear Manali and even Kashmir. BUT very few would really rank Sikkim atop their bucket list.

However, this also means that this State is still a big untapped source of travel contents. You can literally capture millions of unique images here and create days-long video contents. And your audience will never get bored of them.

Now is that not what you want?

Coffer of beautiful storytelling

Today, success in blogging is all about storytelling. You need engaging, authentic, and beautiful stories to capture reader’s attention and leave them wanting more. It is these stories that connect a blogger with the readers and build trust between them.

Sikkim is a treasure-trove of such stories. Visit Gurudongmar lake and you will have a serenading experience to foretell. Join Goecha La trek and your audience will be hooked to your adventures. Climb up Maenam Sanctuary and your view of the Milky Way and whole Himalayan Range will spell bound your audience. Feast on Dhindo and Thukpa, and you will have plenty to say.

In short, a visit to Sikkim will pack your experience with countless stories that will become the foundation of your blog’s high traffic and engagement.

It would be a pocket-friendly affair

When compared to other similar destinations, Sikkim is much affordable. Period! All major cities have a direct connection via air and trail to Sikkim; the fares are the cheapest during the off-season.

Also, you will find some of the best hotels in India here, offering you suites and mountain-view rooms at a pocket-friendly rate. In fact, even the 3 stars hotels in Gangtok are cheap if you do advance and direct booking through the hotel’s website.

The paid sightseeing is equally low in price. Foods, super delicious, will not burn your pockets. And oh, not to forget, shopping on M.G Road is as stirring and cheap as it gets.

You will find your niche and audience

There are many verticals of travel blogging. Some audience will want to read about casinos, night-outs, parties and total crazy travel experiences. Others would rather read about how implausible the sunset was over Mt. Kanchenjunga at Pelling.

In order to be successful, you would be required to find yourself a niche and an audience who you can connect with. If you’re a nature-lover yourself who cannot have enough of beaches, greeneries, and sunsets, if you’re someone who loves exploring different cultures—Sikkim could be your ultimate destination to begin your journey from. The place will help you find your target audience.

These are 4 simple reasons why Sikkim should be at the top of your bucket list if you’re a new travel blogger in India. The state promises to give your career as a travel blogger a perfect start.

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