Enjoy Your Calcutta Trip And Unwind At “The Lindsay” In Kolkata!

If you are all geared up to visit Kolkata anytime soon and looking for a place to stay that will define comfort & convenience, then “The Lindsay” Kolkata is a befitting option. Regarded as one of the ‘most loved’ hotels in the city and located right opposite the landmark New Market in Chowringhee, “The Lindsay” provides great hospitality and comes with all kinds of amenities from posh restaurants to a well-equipped gym. Lap up the cultural essence of Kolkata by visiting the top tourist spots in the city from this cozy hub of relaxation armed with rich decor.

Enjoy Your Calcutta Trip And Unwind At “The Lindsay” In Kolkata!

Kolkata as the city of Joy has many shades; there is far more to it than meets the eye. Before visiting this Eastern metropolis, you might have formed some notions about it, but it is only when you dip your thoughts in the bucket of experience, that you get to feel life in its true essence!

Kolkata or Calcutta, no matter what you call it, is more about an experience than words like ‘advanced’, ‘clean’, ‘happening’, or ‘developing’. And like any other experience, it must be felt – and you should be open to going through it! With The Lindsay Group of Hotels in Kolkata, experiencing the old world charm of Calcutta will become much easier than any other star hotels located on the far ends of the city! Let’s take a look at why –

The Historic SS Hogg Market (New Market) is is situated right opposite

Opening in the 1870’s the SS Hogg Market has a rich history embedded in itself of the city’s colonial past. Once the marketing den of Britishers alone, today it is frequented by all kinds of people for everything from daily groceries to jewelery and new clothes for festivities.

In fact, if you are yearning for a new-age market, then you can

visit the air conditioned Simpark Mall that is located just underneath this age-old Victorian Goth structure. Nowhere else in Kolkata will you get a view of its rich past right from the very windows of your room!

Visit the Old St. John’s Church

Not very far away from the Lindsay’s location, the St. John’s Church is the 3rd oldest church in the city. Constructed in the late 1700’s, it is a testament to the British architecture and makes for a wonderful experience, if you want to take a look at the old-world Calcutta.

Having lost its previous lustre and yet standing in glory, this church is one sight you should not miss! And maybe if you are imaginative enough, you can see the old horse carriages passing by as Victorian Britishers come and go out of the enormous gates. It is also walking distance from the famous landmark Victoria Memorial.

Visit the Ghats of the Holy Ganges

Calcutta is also known for its ghats on the river Hooghly, a distributary of the Ganges. The Prinsep Memorial ghat is a particularly famous river-front with a beautifully built sidewalk that gives you the feeling of being one with Nature.

You can find plenty of snacking options and there is public seating available, if you want to see the sunset over the horizon and check out the lighting on the Vidyasagar Setu that connects the two cities of Howrah and Kolkata.

All of these locations are just minutes away from The Lindsay and give you the glimpse of the old-world Calcutta and the modern one at the same time. This is one of the main reasons why you should stay at “The Lindsay” Kolkata if you are visiting the city to know its true essence – and not just here for luxurious living!

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