Have a Great Trip To Gangtok (By Avoiding These 4 Traps)

Just as Goa ranks at the top of any tourist’s seaside holiday in India, Gangtok ranks at the top of travel bucket list for hill holidays. Trekking, paragliding, witnessing nature’s best, shopping and feasting on native cuisine (yes, talking about Thukpa and ShaPhaley here)—there’s not much NOT to love about this mountain-jewelled capital of Sikkim.

Have a Great Trip To Gangtok (By Avoiding These 4 Traps)

But even when oozing richness from every dimension, not every tourist manages to soak in the real Sikkimese delights. In fact, if you’re planning a trip to Gangtok, it’s possible that your experience, at best, will be decent and not the ‘I-want-to-live-here-forever’ amazing, as it is supposed to be.


Here are 4 things you need to fix in advance when you visit Gangtok, so that you have a Great Holiday there:

Planning well and early

All those movies where characters impulsively make travelling plans and have an insane amount of fun – they are usually misleading. A trip is happy and satisfying only when it is planned well. Meaning, your trip to Gangtok, even when it’s a short one, must be planned adequately and in advance.

Not necessarily on the micro level, but your departures, stops, transportations, visits and other pieces must be decided in advance. The more points you mark out from the list, the more accomplished the trip will feel.

Staying at the right hotel

Indeed, when in a place like Gangtok that’s packed with a plethora of exciting outdoor activities, you won’t be spending much of your time in your hotel room. However, this doesn’t mean you pick any hotel that you come across. Your accommodation will play a crucial role in shaping your whole visit’s experience.

So, be picky about where you would live over the duration, what kind of bed, mattresses, and facilities you will be getting, and the kind of room service you can avail. There are a few best resorts in Gangtok; you can go for them. Or once in the city, you could search for luxury hotels near me and choose a budget-friendly room in there.

Re-discovering Nature

While Gangtok attracts all types of travellers, you will usually see a large bunch of nature lovers there. And why not really?! The place has some of the best panoramic views. There are all sorts of fun activities like yak riding, trekking, birds watching, caving and river rafting. You can go on a leisure stroll in Rinchenpong. You can sit by the Tsomgo lake and just chill. You can go on a bike or bicycle ride to soak the countryside feel of this city.

So, fall head-over-heels at the natural beauty of this place as most travellers do.

Now, that being said, it’s not to believe Gangtok doesn’t offer much for those, not into nature. There’s plenty still. Shopping on MG road is the first thing to do; you can visit the religious sites, take part in local festivals, dive into the delicious dining and just enjoy the super-Sikkimese nightlife

Knowing the places to visit

There are more than enough places to visit in Gangtok; easy to confuse those who are without any plan. So, even before you reach, you must know exactly the places you want to see and explore to avoid that post-trip ‘I-didn’t-even-see-anything’ phase.

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So Fix these 4 points and make your outing filled with memories, fun, and excitement.

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