Luxurious Stay And Adventures – The Amazing Gangtok Experience!

Capital of the Indian hill state of Sikkim, Gangtok is perched in the Eastern Himalayas and an amazing destination for travelers to enjoy.

But, what is the true Gangtok experience?

Well, this hill city is many things – there is the posh luxury hotel experience that you must get, the shopping at MG Marg that ought to be relished and the adventure sports that must be experienced. It is this combination makes this small city very special

Luxurious Stay And Adventures – The Amazing Gangtok Experience!

The extravagance of Gangtok 3 star & 4 star hotels

While in the city, if you do not experience comfy & luxury stay, you are missing out on a lot. From the best in class mountain view to balconies and terraces, you get it all. And it does not just end there – the immersive palate experience at the hotel restaurants is an adventure by itself.

Colorful lobbies and Buddhist / Sikkim architecture make the luxury hotels here incomparable.

Shopping at MG Marg

Also known as the city center, this beautiful high fashion pedestrian plaza is the very heart of the Himalayan town. There are a number of shopping options from flea markets to regular shops and there is everything you can buy. From folk jewelry and dresses to interior decor items, artifacts and the likes, this city centre will need one whole day, if not more to explore. Also, don’t forget to enjoy the street food– it is definitely going to be one hell of a journey, something that is integral to the real Gangtok experience.

Adventure Sports for thrill junkies

Often considered the most exciting layer, adventure sports in & around Gangtok is fast making this hill town a hub of sorts. It’s now a favorite with both Indian & foreign adventure tourists. What’s in store? Everything – from mountain biking to making it into a vlog if you have an action camera, to paragliding, hand gliding, and rafting, there is just no stopping the ones who want to hear their blood pumping through their veins, with chill winds adding to the fun & excitement.

These three and many more experiences combined make Gangtok a tourist paradise. Don’t forget to walk the trails or trek to the mountain tops that intrigue you. And all of this only becomes a possibility when you have the best hotel deals to choose from. So, now is the time as good as any to get in touch with the top hotels in Gangtok and book yourselves some frontline seats, whether you are going on a solo, romantic, or family trip.

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