Visit These Lesser Known Places In Gangtok On Your Next Sikkim Trip!

Sikkim is widely popular among travel lovers who love to soak in its charm. One of the most frequented places to visit in this North Eastern state is its capital, Gangtok, which makes a base for Sikkim trips, from where tourists travel further up North into the more adventurous Himalayan terrain, or West to enjoy the valley of flowers, or South to see the magnificent statues in the tourist spots of Namchi & Ravangla.

Visit These Lesser Known Places In Gangtok On Your Next Sikkim Trip!

However, Gangtok itself is no less of a tourist spot. The bustling city is filled with amiable people and vast diversity –impressing the travel-loving souls. From delectable food to lesser known but must-visit places, Gangtok has a lot to offer to wandering souls.

Here are some of the destinations you can visit on your next trip to this Himalayan cosmopolis –

Namgyal Institute of Tibetology – Learning about the Middle Path

A 30-minutes-walk away from the city center M.G. Marg, Namgyal Institute of Tibetology is a wonderful place to visit. It is enriched with manuscripts of the age-old religion of Buddhism and designed in traditional Tibetan architecture.

Here you can find the Tibetan way of life, from clothes to their jewellery, and learn a lot about the culture that is prevalent in the city. Reaching the institute is even faster in a car and should take you not more than 10 minutes, if you are staying somewhere around the shopping center of the city.

Banjhakri Falls – A wonderful getaway in the lap of Nature

This 100 feet waterfall is around 10 kms away from M.G. Marg in Gangtok, one of the famous places for tourists to experience. It offers a picturesque view, filled with lush greenery and water bodies – a perfect place for sharing some memorable moments with family and friends.

Getting to Banjhakri can get a bit tricky and if you want to reach fast, then going via the Indira Bypass road and Ranka road is a good option and will take around 40 minutes. The beauty of the place is mesmerizing and draws a considerable number of tourists who want to experience a true essence of Gangtok by visiting the less popular places, which are worthy of exploring!

Himalayan Zoological Park – Discover the unique Fauna of the Mountains

If you are a wildlife enthusiast, then the Himalayan Zoological Park is a must visit for you in Gangtok. For those staying in 3 star hotel in Gangtok near M.G. Marg, you can ask for transport assistance. It takes around 15-20 minutes to cover the 5 km distance from the hotel to the Himalayan Zoological Park via Jawaharlal Nehru Road.

The Park is perched on an altitude of more than 1700 feet and offers a lovely view of Kanchenjunga, the third highest peak in the world. The entry fee is nominal, and if you want to film or travel in a vehicle, seeking consent is required and by paying extra fees, you can get the permission. The best time to visit is from 0800 hours to 1500 hours, and you can also hire a guide to make sure that the journey is fruitful, offering you an exhilarating experience. Tour anytime between February to May or September to December to enjoy the lush landscape at its best.

These are the not-so-popular places to visit in Gangtok, but you must include it in your travel bucket list. So, the next time you visit here, don’t let these spots be costly misses from your suite in the ever popular The Lindsay Himalayan Heights Gangtok.

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